Corporate Wellness Exeter

As the leading authority on health and fitness, we have combined our talent and in-depth knowledge to produce tailored corporate wellbeing programmes that increase engagement and improve health, for a happier and healthier workforce. Our wellness packages are flexible and can be delivered over short or long term courses. If you want to find out how an employee wellness strategy can positively impact your business, then get in touch to find out about our tailored programmes for corporate wellness in Exeter and the South West.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

Our modern lifestyle means that many people are not nearly as active as they could be. Within many corporate environments, staff are relatively static, working long hours seated at a desk. Low physical activity levels and poor eating habits can be a root cause of many problems such as a bad diet, weight gain, low self-esteem, stress, higher levels of alcohol consumption and smoking, and even depression. When these behaviours manifest, they can lead to long-term health issues such as obesity, mental health problems and a whole host of lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease.

When these people are your employees, your company needs to sit up and take notice before these behaviours translate into their working life, causing a negative impact on your business. Through taking part in health and fitness wellness programmes your employees will benefit from the following:

By enrolling on a corporate wellness programme your company will benefit from an energised and focused workforce with healthy behaviours that have a positive impact on their job roles. In addition, you can attract talent while retaining staff for longer. Overall, employee wellness programmes are a win-win strategy for both employees and the employer.


Corporate Wellness Programmes

We approach every client on a case by case basis, therefore, each corporate wellness programme we deliver is tailored to meet both your company’s ideals and the employee’s individual health and fitness targets. Our corporate wellness programmes incorporate a mix of the following:

Boost Employee Engagement

So, what are you waiting for? Boost employee engagement and build a lean, positive workforce that will help your business grow. If you would like further information then don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how Oakmont Fitness corporate wellness programmes can help your business today.

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