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A fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle and an essential aspect of performance sports conditioning, optimum nutrition is a powerful holistic tool that promotes a healthy body and mind and can make a huge difference to your sporting ability, waistline and mindset. Co-owner of Oakmont Fitness, Joe Matthews, is a certified and highly experienced nutrition coach in Exeter that provides nutritional coaching for both clients of Oakmont and elite athletes around the world. Through his in-depth knowledge of nutritional science, he can help you achieve the results you desire by delivering motivational coaching and tailored nutritional plans.


Performance Nutrition

Professionally planned performance nutrition can give you the edge you need for greater success both physically and mentally. Whether you simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle, banish unhealthy eating habits, lose weight or use the power of food to achieve a competitive advantage, we can help you reach your goals.

Our plans will address your calorie, carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin, mineral and fluid intake to aid performance and recovery. 

Each individual is unique, therefore, each personal plan will be different. It is our aim to devise a healthy eating plan that easily fits into your busy lifestyle. As a result, you can make a lifestyle change that you can commit to long term. To find out more, contact us for expert advice.

About Joe, Our Very Own Sports Nutritional Coach

As a 10-year online personal training industry professional with a solid dedication to performance nutrition, Joe constantly has his focus on ensuring his clients get that 1% edge over their opponents. With extensive experience as an athlete nutrition coach, Joe works with a variety of world-class and up-and-coming athletes who want to compete at optimal performance in high-intensity sports such as Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Formula 2 Racing Driving, Bodybuilding, Rugby and Football. Joe is currently the performance nutritionist for Dan Ticktum the Formula 2 Williams Development Driver.

A Lifetime Dedicated to Performance Nutritional Coaching

Joe started along his career path as a professional athlete nutrition coach and trainer at 16 years old when he found his own passion in high-intensity sports such as football, rugby and athletics. At this early age, he wanted an edge on his competition. Through working with his own dedicated training coach, he achieved the physical edge. Yet, he became frustrated because he still wasn’t getting quite the same level of results he saw his peers were achieving.

This led him to discover the importance of correct nutrition as a fundamental and unshakable pillar of performance sports conditioning. Needless to say, when he switched up his nutrition to a pure focus on performance and recovery, his own results skyrocketed. At this point, he knew this was how he wanted to help people, by getting them one step ahead so they could avoid the same frustration he had gone through.

Qualified in Advanced Personal Training & Nutrition

After studying sport and business at college, he went on to gain an Advanced Personal Training & Nutrition Qualification. His entrepreneurial spirit then led him to work with clients across the UK by providing them with 1 on 1 nutrition coaching.

A few years went by and in this time he realised that his personal training clients’ work-life balance called for a more convenient option when it came to their nutrition. As a result, he co-founded his first online performance meal delivery company. This led to his involvement in working with world-class athletes in the CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting arenas by supporting them with their performance nutrition.

Optimal Performance Nutrition Coach Joe Matthews is now the co-founder of Oakmont Fitness. He is dedicated to serving both world-class athletes along with the next up-and-coming generation of athletes who are looking to gain that 1% edge over their competition.

As with everything in life, consistency of applied action creates compound momentum which leads to the exponential growth of results. Joe’s career is testament to this statement.

Through his consistent focus and hard work, Joe is now the world-class athlete nutrition coach that athletes turn to. This is because they know that to be the best, you have to be supported by the best.

Nutrition Plan FAQ

No! We don’t take away any foods that you enjoy. 

Supplements can be complimentary to some performance and weight loss diets, however, they are not necessary all the time. We strive to devise easy to follow nutritional plans where you get most, if not all, of your nutrients from healthy, fresh food. 

Not necessarily. As long as you follow our plans, you wont need to become obsessed by calorie counting!

Carbohydrates form part of a balanced diet and are generally healthy and nutritious. We always recommend steering clear of refined carbs, as much of the nutritional content is removed during the refining process.

Absolutely! Many proteins are found in fruit and veg such as legumes, avocados, green peas, chickpeas and spinach to name a few. We can design specially created healthy diets for anyone!

Find Out How Fitness Nutrition Can Help You

If you want to find out how our professional nutrition coach in Exeter can give you the edge you need, get in touch. We can help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and raise the ceiling of your physical performance. Our fitness nutrition plans can make a big difference to your body and mind, so what are you waiting for?

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